Red Rock - small oval platter

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These stunning glass platters are handmade using recycled art glass, giving off-cuts of other projects new life. Complimentary chunks of glass are melted through a suspended metal screen, allowing the various colours to swirl together and form a one-of-a-kind slab of patterned glass. Once cool the slab is cut with a wet saw and melted in a glass kiln over top of custom-made texture molds based on elements found throughout the Western Canadian landscape (Alberta stone, tree bark, and various grasses). Again, once cool, the glass is cleaned and sandblasted to be melted one last time in what’s called a slump firing - just hot enough in the kiln that the glass will start to bend and fall into the shape of a platter without losing the other impressions and textures formed previously. Sandblasting before the final run in the kiln leaves the glass with a matte silky finish that appears like stone.

This oval shaped merlot red coloured platter has a stone-like texture paired with one circular tile made from tree bark. The glass is opaque and does not allow light to penetrate, giving it the appearance of stone. Added gold accents adorn the circular tile in this piece.

  • 10 inch long x 6 inch wide x 1 inch tall low-profile rounded bottom platter.
  • Each platter is signed by the artist with a custom copper name tag on the underside.
  • Three plastic feet are attached to the bottom for easy display.
  • Platters may be hand washed in warm soapy water, patted dry with a lint free cloth. Do not place in the dishwasher.
  • Platter has a matte finish.