Jem - Nebula

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Pipes must be purchased through one of our retailers listed below. If you would like to sell our pipes, please contact us!

Where to buy

Mountain Grass Glass Gallery 
349 Spokane St, Kimberley, BC V1A 2E7 

High Neighbour YYC
330 10 St NW #205, Calgary, AB T2N 1V8

Jewelnotes pipes are cast (solid) glass whereas most pipes and bongs are torch-worked (hollow). This is a unique process in which Michelle melts chunks of glass into large slabs that are then cut, cold-worked and polished. The process is similar to sculpting stone (except the melting glass bit). The glass is annealed for strength in a kiln several times throughout the process and has been tested for durability as well as functionality. The metal filter in the bowl ads a nice finish to the piece and helps control heat distribution, but it can be easily removed to reveal a larger bowl that allows for more product if desired.

Each piece is unique in appearance and shape, your actual piece may naturally vary in weight, size & color from the item illustrated. 

Approx. sizing: Length: 5” | Thickness: 0.75“ | Width: 1.5”