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As a city girl out on the prairie, surrounded by stunning vistas and the rough, yet grounded way of ranch life, I am inspired by the commonalities between rural and urban living. This work brings together textures and shapes from the Albertan landscape like the patches of a quilt. Each tile represents a unique element seemingly moving like a leaf on the wind that combined, unify to showcase Alberta’s diverse scenery. Light shining through the sculpture brings rural and urban Alberta closer together.

The tiles in the pieces are either circular or geometric leaves. The circle representing inclusivity and connections to all people and things. The geometric leaves to represent the seemingly structured randomness often found in nature. Within these shapes are impressions of elements found in the Alberta prairies such as tall wild grasses, spruce tree needles and fallen wood grain. Colours of the pieces range from rich patriotic red to western turquoise to the subtle pinks and purples found in Canadian sunrises. The seemingly random flow of the edges of the glass are for the viewer to interpret and connect with their own Albertan experiences. Some people see cloud formations, other abstract wildlife shapes. The glass has been sandblasted and coated to also make the viewer question the medium and evoke the need to touch and connect, just as people reach out to a wildflower poking through the grass.