Leaf Panel - green 10 x 10 inch

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Light green glass as the base with 'fossilized' hemp leaves creates a stunning art piece for the home. Mounted in a white 10 x 10 inch shadow frame with a light grey matt. 

White 10 x 10 inch frame
Grey matting
Green transparent glass 6 x 6 inch
Leaves in grey glass

Fossil Vitra is a kiln-formed glass technique using natural materials such as leaves and branches, powdered glass and the heat of the kiln to create a shadow or imprint that resembles a fossil. 

I utilize the powdered glass excess from my wet saw to create the fossils on the glass. I scrape it from the saw bed, dry and sift it ready for fusing. I use this glass to minimize my waste and because it's a cumulation of many colours, the end result almost looks like stone (light grey). The powder is placed right onto real leaves and a glass panel overtop, then it's heated in my kiln to burn off the organic matter and fuse the glass powder to the glass panel. The end result looks like a fossil!