Bull Trout - mini paperweight ('Opal' Art Glass)

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The official fish of Alberta, bull trout are native trout with the largest natural distribution of all trout in the province.

This species is found in all river systems with headwaters in the mountain.

Over-harvesting of this species has led to a decline in population. Protection from angling may result in recovery, but that may be countered by habitat degradation, and competition from introduced species.

Glass trout
cast ('Opal' Art Glass) glass, water jet cut
weight: 330g
size: 5 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep x 2.5 inches tall

Bull trout are classified as Sensitive in the current General Status of Alberta Wild Species Bull trout are also classified as Threatened under Alberta's Wildlife Act protective regulations under this Act that apply to fish species are under development.

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