Blasted Fossil Rainbow Leaf Wall Panel

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Fossil Vitra is a kiln-formed glass technique using natural materials such as leaves and branches, powdered glass, and the heat of the kiln to create a shadow or imprint that resembles a fossil.

This is a slight variation on the technique where I use a real Hemp leave as the resist for sandblasting as well as creating fossils. The fresh leaf is glued to the metallic glass and the coating on the glass is 'blasted' away very quickly before the leaf falls apart - a delicate balance! then, more hemp leaves are coated in glass powder (dried and triple sifted from the waste of my wet saw). The glass panel is placed face-down overtop of the leaves/glass powder and heated in the kiln to a point where the natural leaf burns away and the powdered glass melt to the glass panel.

  • Black frame: 13" x 17"
  • Rainbow metallic and black glass: 8.5" x 10.5"
  • Frame is wired for ease of hanging and signed by the artist.