Wholesale Terms & Contract


All prices are listed in CAD dollars. All authorized retailers will receive wholesale trade pricing, plus the cost of shipping. Due to the nature of the materials we work with, prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

The recommended retail price of our products (the ‘RRP’) is the minimum price for which you are permitted to sell our products when first having the items in your store. We only wish that any and all customers can purchase our products for a consistent price no matter where they buy. If you choose to add them to a sale (‘End of Season’ for example), that is your choice, but it must be clearly marked as SALE.


A minimum order of $300 before shipping/taxes is required for opening orders. Initial orders must be paid in full with credit card before you will be put on the production/delivery schedule. Should there be additional shipping charges for any reason, we will send a digital invoice for the additional charges that must be paid before shipment.

Custom designs for jewelry, home and/or events, are available with pricing dependent on the scope of the project. Please contact to inquire.


There is a minimum re-order amount of $150 before shipping/taxes, with 100% due before the order will be shipped.


  • Bronze: 50% discount from retail.
    Orders totalling $1,000 or less per year.
  • Silver: 52% discount from retail.
    Orders totalling between $1,000 and $2,500 per year.
  • Gold: 55% discount from retail.
    Orders above $2,500 per year.


Due to the unique nature of each piece, private ordering dates are available for all Calgary and area merchants. Michelle will come by your store at a predetermined time to let you choose each piece before finalizing your order. The order amount must be above $300 to qualify for private shopping. This service is offered free of charge.


Opening order must be paid in full by credit card.

Reorders must be paid in full before shipment.

Net payment terms may be available after your credit card has been verified and your account established.


Each item that leaves the Jewelnotes studio is designed and handcrafted entirely by Calgary artist Michelle Atkinson. Once your order is received it will be reviewed and you will be contacted to confirm the details and be given an estimated ship date. We do everything we can to provide you with an accurate estimate. The lead time for wholesale orders is 2-4 weeks, with larger orders sometimes taking longer to fulfill. Orders placed during busy seasons are also likely to have longer lead times. Due to the nature of our one-of-a-kind, artisan made production process, lead times may also change unexpectedly. While unlikely to happen, we would communicate any changes to you promptly.

We may also have items in stock that can ship very quickly. Inventory is shown on the website once your account is up so you can see which items are available right away.

Please feel free to contact us regarding custom orders, availability of quick ship items, rush order requests or any other questions you may have. 


All orders are shipped via Canada Post from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Expedited shipping methods and other carriers may be used at retailer’s expense. International orders are subject to various customs restrictions and may have different shipping requirements. Retailer is responsible for all shipping, duty fees and taxes that may occur.

Shipping is free of charge for Calgary retailers as long as the artist can drop the items at your boutique at anytime during regular open hours.


Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please contact  within five days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments. Note that this says, within five days of receipt NOT within five days of opening. This means that if you receive your order, but do not open it for six days and it is damaged, you will not be able to return it. Please keep all packaging, even if damaged, while we process your return. Returned merchandise will be repaired or replaced with new merchandise if unable to be repaired. Returned merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 15 days after receipt or if returned without contacting us to report damage or defects as outlined above. Retailer is responsible for all return shipping charges.


We only accept returns in the case of defective merchandise as mentioned previously.


All orders come with Jewelnotes tags/cards. 


Due to the handmade nature of our creation process and the hand cut glass and natural materials we use in our designs, no two items will ever be exactly the same.  


Approval is required to become a Jewelnotes retailer. This allows us to evaluate many factors that go into determining exclusivity and proximity. While we are sensitive to and try to be aware of each retailer’s territory, we can not guarantee exclusivity.


Retailers are not permitted, under any circumstance, to display and/or sell our designs, whether on their premises or elsewhere, without the labeling provided and/or to represent themselves or any other entity as the creator and/or designer o-f our products, in whole or in part.

It is illegal to provide misleading, false or fraudulent information to establish a wholesale relationship and receive discounted prices for anything other than resale purposes.