Framed Glass

I create two types of framed glass art. 

Iridescent Glass Sayings

These pieces have inspirational sayings and/or movie quotes etched into an iridescent glass. Once the saying is etched I put the glass into the kiln and 'fire polish' it. This way the metallic coating on the glass is set and cannot be removed. So the saying is permanently set within the glass. I then frame the piece in a shadowbox style frame.

Glass Geodes

My glass geodes are created with broken tempered glass salvaged from an office reno. I fire the pieces in my kiln t a temperature that just starts to remelt the glass, taking away sharp edges but connecting the pieces back together. I then use various paints, inks and foils on the backside of the glass to create a geode effect. I then frame the pieces within a shadowbox frame.

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