becomes art when it has nothing to hide.

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Michelle balances quality, creativity and fine craftsmanship into gorgeous pieces I could wear all day, every day. I don’t tire of wearing my Jewelnotes necklaces and earrings. They change with every colour I wear them on, with every type of lighting I wear them in, and from whatever angle they are viewed. How can you get bored with that?

Lisa (market customer)

I saw Michelle at a market and was intrigued by her work. She convinced me to buy a gift ‘just because’ for my wife. I’m definitely in the good books with my wife now (and I took all the credit). Michelle’s pieces are beautiful and affordable, so guys like me can impress ‘just because.’

Chris (market customer)

I’ve bought a lot of Jewelnotes glasswork and jewellery over the years – for myself and for others – and will continue to do so because Michelle’s work sparks so much joy in me. It’s an extra added bonus that I get to support a local artist and entrepreneur. My favourite Jewelnotes piece is a recycled glass jewellery bowl in which I keep my favourite rings and earrings. I like it so much, I’m going to buy another!

Jill (market customer)